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Creative Labour(er)

1 junio, 2015

Conference: Creative Labour(er). Anthropological Perspectives on the Work  of Art

8 June 2015, King’s College, University of Cambridge, UK

Keynote: Georgina Born (Music/Anthropology, Oxford)

This one-day international conference interrogates the relation between contemporary artistic production and postfordist labour relations. How do artists work today? As an Anthropologies of Art (A/A) Network research event, the conference also seeks to map out a range of contemporary approaches to a wider set of questions:

  • What can anthropological analysis contribute to understanding the changing nature of labour, flexibilisation, and the entrepreneurial subject?
  • In what ways do freelance artists reflect or perpetuate flexible working conditions?
  • What are the distinctions between artistic self-making and artistic self-marketing?

Contributors from France, The Netherlands, Germany, and the UK will be discussing case studies addressing artistic production in music, law, film, theatre, and visual art.


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